September Keto Krate Unboxing

Our September box arrived at our doorstep and I discovered some new tasty snacks.  Use coupon code KETOGIRL if you’d like to order your Krate.


Adapt Protein bar: The Adapt Protein Bar is a soft and chewy treat that isn’t too sweet. I received a Cinnamon Swirl bar which had a nice cinnamon flavor.
You get 17 grams of protein with only 1 gram net carb for this low carb snack. The small size makes it perfect for stashing in your to go bag to fight off hunger on the road.
Each bar is made with a blend of three protein sources: Whey Protein Concentrate, Collagen Protein, and Whey Protein Hydrolosate. It’s a great little keto snack to keep on hand. Retails $2.49


Know Chocolate Chip Cookie: I loved the soft baked texture.  Know Better Cookie is made with almonds, coconuts, egg whites, flax seeds, and chia seeds. It is wheat free. Enjoy 10% off your first order, or 30% off when you subscribe. Retails $2.99


Roam Sticks: Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon: Retails $1.99


The Gilded Nut Pistachios, Original. Made in small batches by tumbling in EVOO with a magical tasting seasoning blend. Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan. These didn’t last long in our house. Retails: $3.99


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Pumpkin. The Himalayan Sea salt gives the seeds an amazing flavor. I enjoyed this snack for breakfast. It really filled me up. So much that I had to delay eating lunch for a few hours.
The September 2017 Keto Krate box included a 25% off code to use at to purchase more. Seeds:  Retails: $3.99


Ayoba-Yo Dried Beef Slices: You really can’t go wrong with dried beef, unless there’s sugar added. However, traditional biltong that’s been air-dried is the best beef jerky I’ve had. The great thing about Ayoba-Yo biltong is that there’s absolutely no sugar added. And, it contains no gluten, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, nitrates, and MSG.
Each piece is a thin slice of meat that’s full of flavor. The dried beef contains only six simple natural ingredients. Retails: $6.99


Nougat creme spread: I had to open this Chocolate Spread immediately, as I love hazelnut chocolate anything. I was not disappointed with the taste and texture. Sweetened with erythritol and inulin. Very clean tasting with no aftertaste. Retails: $12.99







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