My Ketogenic adventure aboard the Disney Fantasy

We recently took a Western-Carribean Disney cruise and I was nervous about staying on this Keto WOE.

First of all, the food was amazing!!!!!  And second of all, I had no problems at all! I think disney cruises are realizing that people want low carb, healthy, whole foods!!

Just about every morning, I had eggs benedict and removed the english muffin, and of course I helped myself to some extra hollandaise sauce.

I didn’t have to foresight to bring my phone to many dinners but below is a great representation of what’s available at the lunch and breakfast buffets.

I like to start with a salad as a base and then add from there.  The salad fixings were plentiful. They offer the option of drizzling oil and vinegar separately onto your salad if you don’t want to take a chance on what could be in their already prepared dressings.

Not pictured is the lox, smoked salmon, gravlox, capers, cream cheese, which made for satisfying breakfasts.  My phone stayed in the cabin most of the trip since we didn’t have any wifi.

And as far as the Disney Cruise experience went, WE LOVED IT!!

Bacon Wrapped Sausages. Ignore pan in front with mushy stuff.

Shrimp, mussels, crab legs
Plenty of meat and cheese selections….

Steak was a hit for our family (not the fries).
I really enjoyed this zucchini dish with a tomato sauce and feta cheese. If that’s too much tomato sauce, it’s always an option to remove some.
This baked fish dish had a tasty caper and olive topping.
And I included a few non-food pictures in case anyone was interested. Here’s panoramic view from our balcony.
workout room looks out to the sea, although in this case the ship is still docked at Cape Canaveral.
This little pool is cool because there’s a plexiglass at the bottom where you can see the ocean below.
Inside the buffet dining room.
One of the many cool rooms on the ship.
Pirate night!! Arrrrr!
The Last Jedi was released to the public one day AFTER we saw it on the ship!
Behind us is the exciting AquaDuck waterslide that wrapped around the ship deck.
Had to take a pic with Mickey Mouse!
One of dining rooms had many incredible, intricate Mosaics with a Disney Movie theme like this one.
A ginger bread house greets you on the deck where you enter the ship.
Shuffleboard was a fun family activity.
Plenty of Star Wars themed activities on this boat. And the kids loved the kid-clubs.