Smoke your foods without a smoker!


Every year I have a thing that I get excited about giving to all of the adults on my gift list. This year, thanks to my friend Chellie, I’m getting a smoker tube for them!

If you want the taste of smoked wood in your food and don’t own a smoker, this is the next best thing and it’s only 12 dollars. Save your deck space for a big comfy lounge chair and smoke your foods the easy way! Simply pour the wood pellets into the tube and light!

Wood pellets can be found at just about any hardware store, then light it! Throw a hunk of cheese on your grill with the tube and you have smoked cheese!! Fill the tube just a little bit, throw some burgers on the grill and you have some flavorful burgers!One full tube of pellets is enough to smoke up to 5 hours of smoke which is enough to make tasty smoked cheese. It’s not even necessary to start up your grill to smoke foods!

Smoke them with or without heat!